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Get over 30% off our award-winning personal EKGs plus 6 arrhythmia detections, cardiologist EKG reviews and more.

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KardiaMobile® 6L Bundle

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KardiaMobile® Card Bundle

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KardiaMobile® Red Bundle

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KardiaCare Annual




Kardia EKGs are not tested or recommended for use with pacemakers and ICDs. Kardia EKGs do not not check for heart attack.

  • FDA-cleared to detect six of the most common arrhythmias (irregular heart rhythms)—more than any other personal EKG.
  • EKG Review done by a cardiologist remotely in less than one day (4 reviews included in annual plan—$200 value).
  • Access to our most accurate algorithm with the ability to detect more arrhythmias than any smartwatch.
  • Customized reports on your EKG, blood pressure, and weight data that can be downloaded or shared directly with your own doctor.
  • Detailed insights that help you identify triggers and symptoms related to your heart events.

Meet Your Bundle

Your bundle provides you with unlimited access to an annual KardiaCare membership, unlocking additional features in the Kardia app.


Manual clinician EKG reviews

4 credits anually ($200 value)

6 arrhythmia detections

Using our most advanced algorithm, detect AFib, Bradycardia, Tachycardia, PVCs, Sinus Rhythm with SVE, and Sinus Rhythm with Wide QRS.

Unlimited EKG recordings

Take unlimited EKGs. Detect six of the most common arrhythmias in seconds.

EKG insights

View month-to-month or time of day comparisons, identify common triggers or symptoms, and better understand your heart data.

Summary report

Generate a report of your EKG, blood pressure, and weight data to track your heart data over time and share with your care team.

Weight & blood pressure monitoring

Enter your weight and blood pressure to include it in customized reports and track it over time.

Easy EKG sharing

Set up secure sharing of your EKGs with family or caregivers to update them on your heart health automatically via email.

Medication tracking

Set reminders to take your medications at your doctor’s recommendation and track your medication history.

Cloud storage & security

Enjoy secure access to all of your EKG recordings on any device with unlimited cloud storage.

Device replacement

Receive discounted Kardia device replacement if lost or stolen for just $19.99 (US only, replacement eligible one time annually).