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KardiaCare is designed to help you get the most out of your Kardia device and provide you with deeper, more personalized insights about your heart health.

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Get the most out of your Kardia device with deeper insights into your heart health.

We provide 3 unique service options allowing you to choose the features and benefits that best fit your specific needs and health goals.

Additional Information

  • All cardiologists work for an AliveCor®-affiliated independent, physician-owned medical group. AliveCor® and Kardia do not provide medical services.

    KardiaCare Plus includes a KardiaMobile® 6L device and a Omron Evolv blood pressure cuff for the first purchase only as a one-time gift for new subscribers.

    Discounted device replacement on KardiaMobile® 6L if lost or stolen for just $19.99. - U.S. only, replacement eligible one time annually. Does not apply to Omron blood pressure cuff.

KardiaMobile® 6L

The world's only six-lead personal EKG

KardiaMobile® Card

A personal EKG that fits perfectly in your wallet