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KardiaMobile® Red

Our #1 best-selling personal EKG, now in limited edition Red.

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Same award-winning EKG technology, now in limited edition Red for February’s Heart Month. There’s no better time to start caring for your heart health from home. This #1 best-selling personal EKG is FDA-cleared and records medical-grade heart data right on your phone. Check in on your heart from home this Heart Month with KardiaMobile Red.

  • Limited edition Red—available this Heart Month only
  • Record a medical-grade EKG from home
  • FDA-cleared to detect AFib and more
  • #1 doctor-recommended personal EKG
  • Download and email your EKGs to your doctor

KardiaMobile is not tested or recommended for use with pacemakers and ICDs. KardiaMobile does not check for heart attack. Warranty or device replacement claims will be fulfilled with the original KardiaMobile device.

What is KardiaMobile Red?

KardiaMobile Red was created for February’s Heart Month, highlighting the importance of caring for your heart health every day.

KardiaMobile is a smart device that can record a medical-grade electrocardiogram (EKG) right on your smartphone. EKGs measure the electrical activity of your heart and are used in hospitals to detect irregularities with your heart rate or rhythm, which may be indicators of a heart condition such as atrial fibrillation (AFib). KardiaMobile records a single-lead EKG, which provides you and your doctor with reliable information on your heart health. KardiaMobile can detect AFib, Bradycardia, and Tachycardia, with more determinations available with a KardiaCare membership.

Convenient and reliable

Take your EKG from home

Record a medical-grade EKG in 30 seconds and get an instant analysis right on your phone.

Heart data you can trust

Created by cardiologists

KardiaMobile is clinically validated, CE marked, and FDA-cleared, making it one of the most reliable ways to check in on your heart from home.

How to record an EKG with KardiaMobile

Taking an EKG is easy with KardiaMobile from AliveCor.

KardiaCare Memberships

Kardia devices come with a standard, no membership option in the Kardia app. But you can get even more of your Kardia device and find a plan that will help you achieve your heart health goals. Choose from our unique service plans below.

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KardiaCare Plus

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