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Steth IO Spot Device


Only Available to Residents of Washington State 

Steth IO brings medicine into the digital, connected age. With the Spot device and appyou can conduct a heart and lung exam in under 2 minutes which is then sent to a Steth IO physicianwho provides the examination results, and a reviewwithin hours.

  • Spot device plugs into your smartphone. No charging needed, compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  • All exams are reviewed by a board certified cardiologist and include a follow up interpretation. The device does not provide an instant analysis; your results will be available after a physician review.
  • Help monitor asthma, COPD, heart murmurs, stethoscope exam of other heart-lung conditions from home.
  • The first 3 months of membership are included free in the device purchase (includes 4 exams). After your first 3 months, you will be offered an opportunity to buy an annual membership for $15/month, which includes 1 exam per month (free).